The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History

The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History

The following clip is probably the most honest three minutes in television history.  It is from an HBO series Newsroom, and although the clip is from a scripted made for TV movie, it addresses what many Americans are concerned with today.

The portrayal of it being the fault of liberals only, is inaccurate and could/should be easily portrayed as the politicians or better still the powers that pull their strings. But, I think the more important part is more about the road we traveled to get to were we are now.

The greatest aspect and potential of this country to portray the God given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all of man kind. That message was good in the beginning and stands as good today. However, it seems that parties behind the scenes have been diligently working to subvert those tenets, rights and perpetrate less than honorable actions towards the hard working, god loving people of the world and especially this country.

Those of us old enough to remember those promises made that we could be whatever we want, and do whatever we chose to do, must realize that today, the youngsters coming have not heard this or been taught it. It becomes our job to ring that bell and teach the young ones that unless they understand what we as a nation have gone through and the evils to watch for, it may be over and accepted as the government savior. Let not this happen on our watch.

So what do you think about this video? Let us know in the comments below and pass this video around using the share buttons you see below. Better yet, if you’ve found another great video, share it with us in the comments below. But for now, do you think this is the most honest three minutes in television history?

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