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The I want the Fix Movement was started after the “I’m American and I want the Fix Now” book was first published.  many people who have read the book agree with the fix and would love to see it come to reality.  However, in order for that to happen, we have to be realistic and take massive action.

With proper planning and massive implementation, all things are possible, including this simple fix.  So, how do we go about making “The Fix” a reality for the American people?

We create, join and perpetuate a massive fix movement across the United States.the fix movement

When the Washington sees hundreds of thousands and even millions of people across the US banding together in unity for ONE cause, they take notice.  Why?  Because they cannot quiet down, separate and ignore the United United States!

Remember the “Occupy Wall Street” Movement?  What started with just few people turned into a movement that send a shock wave across the entire World.

We’ve learned from the Occupy Wall Street, whether you agree with it or not, created a plan and begin implementing it with the power of social media on our side.  When we’re strong and united, we are powerful.

Let’s Unite not only for this cause but for the well being of our kids and our grand kids.

So, What do you want us to do, you ask?

Step 1:  Enter your name and your best email address in the form on the top right corner of this website.  You’ll join the movement.  We need to have a central area of communication and this will be the best way for us to communicate with you.  We won’t sell you on stuff, just inform you about what’s happening with the movement, what we are doing in Washington and around the Country and how the movement is working for the benefit of all.

So, go ahead right now, enter your name and your best email address right now!

Step 2:  Spread the word!  As you can see, “The Fix” Movement is essential to the success of this ideology.  However, we need you to help us by spreading the word to your friends and your social media contacts.  How?

After you join the fix movement, all you have to do is go to the following page:


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