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“I’m American and I want the Fix Now”
book is about change.

I'm American and I want the Fix nowAre you tired of complaining about the way things are in this country today? Are you tired of hearing others complaining about it? Better yet, are you ready for a simple, easy, do-able solution to put ‘we the people’ back in control of the government? To get our representatives working for us again, we the people, need to remove the burdens of government intrusion into our life, while eliminating personal income tax.

If you answered yes, to any of the above questions, then you‘ll want to read I’m American and
I want the fix Now! a short and straight to the point book on how together we can accomplish this in short order. We do not have time to spend figuring out what and how to do something
about it, 4-5 years will be too late! Take action now, by ordering this book and share it with
others. You will be amazed at how quick and simply the fix can be done and the republic back
under control of we the people! There is no limit to the value of this information to you and the
prosperity to your family.

The author chose to write under a pseudonym because the idea behind this book is not about the author. It is about we the people, those who desire to give back to our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, the promise of liberty, freedom, and the rule of law, of which they know nothing about today. We (the more mature) must start this ball rolling because we grew up with that understanding and we can incorporate the help of the younger media savvy group.

We can find a great ally in them in moving toward restoring the republic, and our children, who
are now buried in the perils of sex, drugs, and violence in raising their children will have the
opportunity to join in as they see the numbers becoming viral in support of taking back control of
our government.

This information shows us how unimportant it is right now to be a hyphenated American, First
and foremost we are Americans, period. We have let the news, politicians, pundits, editors,
radio, TV, and printed news, and 24 news outlets keep us divided and bickering over issues that
are not as important as the people uniting as One, and reclaiming our rightful status as Masters of this government, which is to serve us. (That’s why they’re called public servants).

We can do this while, creating the support for a growing economy, making it easier for thriving
business to continue here, creating incentives for foreign corporations to want to move here
to manufacture, and at the same time relieving the overreaching burdens of personal income
tax. Whether your right -left, conservative or liberal, democrat or republican, we all agree
that government is out of control and needs to be reined in .

We wouldn’t be able to do that as splintered groups of hyphenated americans. We can only do this as American’s first and foremost, together. From there, we can intelligently solve our differences on issues without hurling insults back and forth before we ever set down at the table, peacefully, honorably, with all the peoples best interest at heart.

This fix is so simple, it’s falling down stupid. Any complex solution would never get off
the ground, and a confused mind will always say no. This book is written so that a 6th grade
education is all that is required to comprehend, and implement. The positive results are just as
easy to understand. The time is now, the solution is the fix. I’m American and I want the fix

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