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Have You Ever Wondered What It Would Be Like to Live In United States If There Was:

No Tax Lobbyists in Washington
No Complicated Individual Income Tax Filings that Benefit Few and Rich
No Separation Between Us, the People of the United States

and instead we would have:

No More Tax Returns!
Tax Application that is Open, Fair and Constitutional.
Federal Government that is Back Under the Control of “We the people”?iwantthefix-3dWell, this short 60 page “I’m American and I want the Fix Now” book will explain everything you need to know about “The Fix.”  It’s a fast read and it will give you the complete picture of “I want the Fix” Movement.

In this book, Gbolt discusses the current tax system and why it’s not only inefficient, but also corrupt.  Then, Gbolt goes into detail discussing what the fix is and how it will be applied to this nation.  Lastly, he is going to discuss all of the positive impact this fix will have, such as removing lobbyists, eliminating individual income tax filings, making the tax application open and fair to all and putting the federal government back under the control of “we the people…”

We want to spread the word across the entire nation.  That’s why we Only ask that you pay $5, a cost of lunch at McDonald’s.

Better, yet, buy more books and pass them off to your friends, colleagues and business partners.

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After you buy I want the fix book, we strongly encourage you to keep going and join the movement to help make this a reality.  Visit and join “The Fix” Movement by going to…


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