7 Reason to Read

There are many reasons why you should read this book but the 7 most important reasons are:

Reason #1:

We do not have time to spend figuring out what and how to do something about our current economic situation and our financial life in this great country. Waiting for a change 4-5 years will be too late for all of us!  We need to unite right now, as ONE country and take small actions to make the change happen.

Reason #2:

You will be amazed at how quick and simple the fix can be to put the republic back
under control of we the people!   All we ask is that you press few buttons on this website and you can help make a tremendous difference for all of us.  By harnessing the power of people, social media and the internet, “The Fix” can have an unlimited reach going all the way to the white house.  There is a reason why our forefathers started the U.S. Constitution with the phrase: “We the people…”.  There’s no limit to the value of this information to you and the prosperity of your family.

Reason #3:

The idea behind this book is not about the author. It is about ‘we the people‘, those who desire to give back to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren the promise of liberty, freedom, and the rule of law, of which they know nothing about today.

Reason #4:

This book and the movement that follows shows us how unimportant it is right now to be a hyphenated American. First and foremost we are Americans, period. We have let the news, politicians, pundits, editors, radio, TV, printed news and 24 hour news outlets keep us divided.  We need to unite right now before it’s too late!

Reason #5:

Washington Politicians are called “public servants.”  They have been elected by us to serve us in our best interest.  Now tell me, does it feel to you like they are our public servants who are doing everything in their power to serve this country for our best interest?  That’s why it’s important that “We, the people” unite as One and reclaim our rightful status as Masters of this government.

Reason #6:

This “Fix” will allow for businesses to thrive here, to create incentives for foreign corporations to want to move here to manufacture their products while at the same time relieve the overreaching burdens of personal income tax.

Reason #7:

Aren’t you tired of what is going on in this country today, how the media and the politics have divided us?  When we’re divided, we have no power.  When we’re united, we bring back the power.  That’s why we’re here.  It’s possible, it’s real and it’s actionable.  So, take action right now and head over to step 3 to voice your opinion, speak your mind and unite with us here at IwanttheFix.com

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